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Inspired by the Crest of Guyana, ‘One People, One Nation, One Destiny’ is the motto that was created for the country when it gained independence in 1966. Given that my heritage is part Guyanese, I love the fact that it’s a positive, uplifting motto, that seeks unity rather than division.


The figure topping the vessel is Hondo Mclean was a 1980’s cartoon character from a series called M.A.S.K. He’s a black crime fighting historian, and one of a very small pool of positive black male role models I had growing up. Over the years I’ve used Hondo as a means with which to convey ideas exploring British history and my personal experiences of being a mixed race person in British society.

One People, One Nation, One Destiny

  • Height approx 30cm

    Width of Body approx 12cm

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